5 Reasons to Try an Electric Penis Pump: A Guide to Enhancing Your Sexual Performance of 2024

Do you wish to know everything about the best vacuum penis pump for men? In this article, we will tell you a lot of interesting things, so join us soon. In our best electric penis pump review we take into account everything from size to design and vacuum suction strength.

Today, under our careful guidance, you can find your best pocket masturbator.

For our review, we took feedback on the most popular electric penis pump models as a basis. We also studied the demand for the best men pump options. Start your market research.

It is worth giving preference only to patented technologies and licensed storesMake sure you are not allergic to the materials that make up your penis pump You should definitely choose the right size. When in doubt, it's best to contact customer support for advice

1. Tracey Cox EDGE

Mode of application

Gone are the days when guys had to stick their dicks in an empty glass flask and then pump out the air. It was unpleasant, and in some cases even painful.

Such trainings were like rehearsing for a BDSM session at best.

Some guys started switching to water pumps. They were safer, but not enjoyable. If you needed to quickly wake your friend up before having sex with a partner, this was possible. But the emotional mood from such a sight was not up to the mark.

This device became the third generation of such devices. You easily combine business with pleasure. The most delicate silicone nozzle gives a pleasant touch to the skin. The exterior design of the device is not like those early hand-pumped models. Everything looks very cool, like cyber sex.


  • The manufacturers thought that men don’t want to just work out like in the gym. The brand has added three different suction modes to delight guys with delicate skin and those who like the effect of a harsher one. Moreover, the manufacturer has added two nozzles to the device, which have a stimulating effect. You get the effect of masturbation while increasing your sexual stamina.
  • The third bonus is a slight increase in the size of your friend.
  • Of course, it takes hard work to see significant results.
  • It’s also easy to clean the attachments and device after use.
  • We liked how small it was because you can even carry it when traveling.
  • Who here is tired of working with their hands so actively? Definitely, we need something more high-tech. You do too. And finally the brand has made a fully automatic machine we have been begging for. At first, just insert your friend and press a button. Ready, you are doing that now.


  • To achieve meaningful results, men must use the penis pump regularly. At the beginning of the path, training should be carried out every other day. Further, you can reduce their number to twice a week. Once you quit exercising, your erection and penis size will return to their original size.

Satisfied Buyer Review

After 45 years I started having erection problems. Everything is not so bad, but I wanted to return to the state that was at 30 years old. I have been looking closely at this particular electric penis pump for a long time.

Safety and efficiency became the main qualities for me. I’ll tell you right away that I don’t need extra volume or length, so I don’t train regularly. I use a penis pump just before playing to get an erection without long foreplay. My girlfriend and I like the effect, so I will continue to use the device.

2. THRUST Pro Tech

The device will help improve physical endurance, similar to exercising in the gym.

Paying more attention to your penis with a vacuum pump can also improve your mental attitude.


  • You get good results after the first application. An erection comes immediately. After a few days of enjoyable activities, you can look forward to longer sex with a partner and a brighter orgasm.
  • The third bonus is a slight increase in your friend’s size. Of course, to see a significant result, you have to work hard on it.
  • We loved the device’s small, compact design. It can be easily packed for a trip.
  • Is there anyone tired of working with hands actively? We need something more technological, don’t we? You should too. And at last, the brand listened to our prayers and created a machine that is fully automatic. To start off, all you have to do is put in your friend and press the button. It is ready and you enjoy the process.


  • You need to train at least every other day. As soon as you start to be lazy, the results start to deteriorate.
  • After each use, thoroughly wash the flask and all parts that have come into contact with skin or liquids.

Satisfied Buyer Review

For me, the absence of phthalates was important, since I am allergic, and these substances provoke strong skin reactions. I was impressed with the charging speed of the device.

The fake vagina sleeve is not very realistic compared to similar masturbators, but it is better than just a hole. I treat this sex toy more as an intimate trainer, so I don’t make high demands on the sleeve design.

3. SP-commander electric-pump

This electric penis pump will help you maintain your erection regardless of age. With hard training, you will even improve your youthful performance.

Increasing sexual stamina is great for men’s self-esteem and their relationships with partners. The first results reach 30%. In the future, you will achieve an erection even faster, and it will be longer.


  • Immediate erection is experienced. This will make sure that you enjoy your sex with a partner for a long time and increase orgasmic brightness.
  • The manufacturers believed that men did not want only to work out in the gym. For instance, it includes three different suction modes: one of them is for men who have sensitive skin, while another one is for those who like the action of the device with harder force. Moreover, there are two additional nozzles attached to the gadget that enhances stimulation. It gives you a sense of masturbating but at the same time increasing your sexual endurance.
  • We appreciated the compact design of the device. You can easily take it on trips.


  • The maximum result after regular training is about 30% in addition to your current erection.
  • The penis pump must be used for at least 30 minutes daily for visible results.
  • Some users report dry skin after starting exercise.

Satisfied Buyer Review

I wanted to add at least a couple of centimeters to my penis, so I bought an electric pump. I cannot say that it is the best, but the results are not bad. The size of my penis in a calm state remained the same, but during an erection it became thicker and slightly longer.

4. SP-adams

The rechargeable motor allows the penis pump to be used anywhere without being connected to the mains.


  • The delicate silicone O-ring maintains a high vacuum and does not chafe the skin.


  • The outcome will differ significantly for each user regardless of how intense the workout may be.
  • Results will gradually disappear as soon as you quit exercising.
  • You should wash the bulb of a penis pump properly with the highest hygiene standards possible and before or after using.

Satisfied Buyer Review

Friends gave me this penis pump for fun. I didn’t tell them, but this is my best sex toy now. Moreover, I began to experience brighter orgasms with my partner. I exercise regularly for about 30 minutes. Each session I apply a strong vacuum using a vacuum and then release the pressure. So I repeat several times, it allowed me to better control myself.

5. Penis Pump Kit

Vacuum penis pump models are great because they help you get a lasting erection right now.

You can draw blood to the head of the penis in one minute and immediately have sex with your partner.

If you plan to do your workouts regularly, you can periodically run air into the flask again. It will make you more resilient in bed.


  • The penis pump has 3 suction levels and 5 independent vibration functions.
  • The penis pump has an ultra-tight fit thanks to the silicone sealing ring.


  • In production, not only hypoallergenic silicone is used, but also parts made of ABS plastic. It is also considered one of the safest materials, but it is still not 100% hypoallergenic.
  • The size of this penis pump is too small.
  • It takes three hours to fully charge the battery.
  • The device takes a long time to disassemble, wash and dry.
  • Playing requires that one hand holds the penis pump.

Satisfied Buyer Review

I love that the design is very simple. You do not need to assemble the spaceship before each use. Also, everything is easy to disassemble and wash. It’s great that there is a measuring scale so you can immediately track your results. I have never used a penis pump before, so I have nothing to compare with. But my friend says that after training, the penis feels harder. I really like it, and I want to continue training.

General criteria to find the best pump

Of course, we will not remind you that the best electric penis pump should be looked for solely according to personal preferences.

Someone else’s experience is useful, but not as useful as your own. In the end, it comes down to what you prefer more- a vacuum penis pump or a partner. Nonetheless, what others like may not work for you and vice versa. However, we shall take the liberty of recommending the best model of a penis pump for erectile dysfunction.

The criteria regarding the quality

  • The materials of manufacture must be certified. In the age of frequent allergies, the manufacturer must pay increased attention to this.
  • The next thing to look out for is the perfect smoothness of the bulb of the electric penis pump. There should be no sharp or prickly elements on the inside of the vessel. Even more stringent requirements must be imposed on the O-ring. The area of ​​the penis pump that is in contact with your skin should be perfectly smooth.

A little advice on intimate hygiene

Never share your sex toys, even with a regular sexual partner. The fact is that no matter how thoroughly you disinfect the material, it is impossible to remove part of your microflora.

Even boiling does not allow you to achieve absolute sterility. Therefore, you should not put yourself in danger.

Never try someone else’s electric penis pump. Even if you are in doubt about choosing a model, you should not take such risks. Better to be wrong with the size of the flask than get an infection. You can buy sex toys only in specialized stores in sealed branded packaging. Serious manufacturers value their reputation very much. Therefore, you can be sure of the original sterility of your electric penis pump.

Brief resume

As you can see, as in any other sphere, how many people, so many opinions. But if you have a strong interest in sex toys, you should definitely try and start with something.

As you gradually expand your collection, you will get to know your sexuality better. And you will also be able to fully open up for your partner. Remember that the main thing is to choose only quality brands and reliable manufacturers.


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